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Why is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Monday, June 17th, 2013

It’s summer time now and outside temperatures can feel close to those in a blast furnace. You go out to check on your AC unit and are astounded to find it looking like a glacier; the machine is covered in solid ice! You are dumbfounded by the spectacle. After all, how do you explain all that ice right in the middle of so much heat? A frozen AC unit is a bizarre, yet common, sight and can happen even when air temperatures are soaring. To help you out of your conundrum and give you some insights on the causes of the problem, here are some possible reasons why your AC unit may be freezing: (more…)

What Qualifications Should I Look for in a Technician?

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

You have just built or bought a beautiful home. The next step is to outfit it so that you and your family can enjoy your new home. One of the most important fittings you will have to get done is the HVAC system. Without a proper functioning heating and cooling system, you cannot guarantee the comfort of your family during the hot summers or the cold winters.

Selecting your Service Provider

How do you select the company or service provider for installing your HVAC unit? It has to serve you for many years to come, and the very air you and your family breathe will be pumped through this system. So it is essential to do your homework, and also ask around the neighborhood or your builder or contractor for some of the top names in the area for installing and maintaining of air conditioning units. Don’t forget to pick a company who does installations, maintenance and servicing. All too frequently, your maintenance or service guy will find fault with the installation, claiming that it wasn’t done properly and hence you are facing this problem. (more…)

Quick Cleaning for Fans and Air Conditioners

Friday, March 29th, 2013

It is important to perform regular maintenance on your fans and air conditioning units to help keep them running effectively. Regular maintenance will take some of the pressure off of how these machines operate, which makes them run smoother, more efficiently and will reduce the likelihood that they will require professional fan or A/C repair. Performing regular maintenance on your cooling units is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. However, it is worth this extra bit of effort because these steps could end up saving you money on costly replacements or repairs. Here are some quick cleaning tips for your fans and air conditioners. (more…)

AC Replacement in Jacksonville

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Florida is a wonderful place to live, but the summers can get quite warm. Thankfully, when it gets too warm on the links or out on one of the many beautiful beaches, we can retire to our homes to relax in cool, quiet comfort unless the AC breaks down, of course.

When this happens, give Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating a call. They have been serving the Jacksonville area’s AC replacement needs since 1975. A family owned company, Ocean State works hard to give their customers in Jacksonville and the surrounding areas unparalleled service, high quality products, and the highest quality technicians, all at prices anyone can afford. (more…)

Ocean State Heating and Air Is Now A Proud Supporter of The Ponte Vedra High School Sharks

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Ocean State Heating and Air continues their proud tradition of supporting the local student athletes in Northeast Florida. As a family-owned local business in Jacksonville, we feel very passionate about making sure the youth of our community have the ability to participate in a variety of team sports. We are honored to be an active supporter of the Ponte Vedra High School Sharks, and hope to assist one of Florida’s finest high schools in keeping the ability to teach children a sense of teamwork through team sports as well as personal achievement through athletics.

Our participation as a supporter is to ensure the children in our community have the chance to develop their valuable athletic skills in addition to their expansion of the human mind. When the recent downturn in the economy caused so many athletic budgets to be slashed or cut, it became more and more important to encourage businesses in the local community to get involved with their schools. We trust that our engagement in offering our support to the Ponte Vedra High School Sharks will increase the number of children that can partake in the variety of activities provided at the high school level. (more…)

Why Homeowners Should Clean Out Their Air Ducts

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

Indoor air pollution is one of the top biggest forms of pollution that can contribute to health problems. There are various airborne contaminants that pass through the heating and cooling system and can potentially cause respiratory problems. Many other contaminants can lead to bad odors. In many cases, people can sense nasty odors with sources that they cannot even identify. There are ways to ensure the air in your Jacksonville, Florida, home stays clean and that’s with the help of Ocean State Air Conditioning.

Contaminants Found in an Air Duct System

The types of contaminants that often enter the home through air ducts include:
• Animal dander
• Dust mites
• Tobacco smoke
• Mold
• Industrial chemicals
• Allergens

They lead to unexplained illness or fatigue. Many people suffer from allergies or asthma as a result of poor indoor air conditions. Residents simply want to get outside because they hate the quality of the air and desperately want fresh air. (more…)