Tips for Protecting Your Unit from the Salt Air

One of the most common reasons for AC unit problems in Neptune Beach is salt air that is so prevalent in our area. If you live in an area were salt is typically an issue, such as closer to the ocean, you should be aware of the problems that salt can cause to your AC unit and how to prevent the damage that salt can cause.

Salt can be harmful to your Neptune Beach AC unit because salt can cause corrosion, which can ultimately result in AC unit failure. Moreover, salt is a major problem for AC units because it has the ability to attract and hold moisture. The ability for salt to attract and hold moisture results in the collection of salt moisture on the coil of your outside unit.

This continuous collection of salt and moisture insulates the coil on your AC unit, which reduces thermal transfer. This reduction in thermal transfer will then reduce the efficiency of your AC unit. In addition, as your unit becomes less efficient, it will use more energy, which will increase your energy bill significantly. Ultimately, an unprotected unit will fall victim to salt corrosion, and you will be forced to replace the unit, which can be very costly.

The harm that salt can cause to an AC unit is staggering. On average, most air conditioning units last 10 to 15 years, but salt corrosion can reduce the life of an AC unit to as few as 3 to 6 years. However, there are things that you can do to help prevent salt corrosion and the buildup of salt moisture on AC coils, which include:

  • Changing your filter
  • Removing obstructions from around your unit
  • Cleaning your unit coils
  • Adjusting the temperature on the your thermostat
  • Preventative maintenance services

Change Your Filter

One of the main reasons for AC related problems is a dirty filter. A dirty filter forces your unit to work harder, which causes your unit to use more energy and places a strain on the unit. Therefore, you should try to change your filter every month to eliminate any potential problems related to a dirty filter. However, you should make sure that you use a filter that is suggested for your unit model, because the wrong type of filter or the incorrect type for your unit can make it harder for your unit to operate efficiently.

Remove Obstructions From Around Your Unit

All AC units need unblocked space around the units so that they can operate and perform properly. You should make sure that nothing is blocking the flow of air around your outside unit, such as hedges, plants, a fence, trash, or any other debris.

Clean Your Unit Coils

Similar to a dirty filter, the coils on your unit should be free of any materials that might cause a problem regarding air circulation. Therefore, things such as leaves, dirt, grass, or other debris should be removed from the coils. If the coils are left unattended and become blocked, your AC unit will have to work harder.

Adjust the Temperature on Your Thermostat

Adjusting the temperature on your thermostat can help your AC unit run more efficiently. When you are away from home, set your thermostat a few degrees higher during the day. When you are home, you can lower the temperature. This adjustment to the thermostat can reduce the strain on your HVAC system.

Hire Preventative Maintenance Services

The most effective way to keep your AC unit free of problems is to have preventative maintenance performed at least once a year. This can be done typically in the spring before you really need your AC unit. A professional maintenance visit includes the inspection of all of your system’s components. If problems are found related to salt corrosion or salt moisture on the coils along with a variety of other issues, the issues will be addressed and taken care of before they can become bigger, more costly problems.

Ocean State Air Conditioning in Neptune Beach provides an array of services that can help maintain and prolong your unit life. For homeowners living near the ocean, salt-related AC problems may eventually occur; however, Ocean State Air Conditioning in Neptune Beach has many services available to assist with a variety of issues and problems.

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