What is a Total Control Thermostat?

Ocean State Carrier thermostatCutting costs doesn’t mean cutting comfort. In today’s economy, it is becoming more important to be thrifty with your bank account balance every day. As couponing becomes more of a growing phenomenon, more people are looking to learn other ways to cut the cost of their bills. Your thermostat could be a huge part of the problem. Every penny counts, and there are ways you could save big on your electricity bill starting with your air conditioning in your Neptune Beach home.

While many states face issues with summer heat, Florida has some of the hottest and most humid days. Rather than accepting that you will be sweating your way through, or selling a kidney for your electric bill, the Total Control thermostat system offers the relief you will need both from the heat and the expenses. Getting your home climate under control can be easier than you might think. By getting a Total Control thermostat, you can save a lot on your bill. Plus, this new model can save you a ton of money on your bills. Rather than being greener or being less efficient in cooling your home, this type of unit utilizes automated temperature control to cut down the electric bill. Here are some basic facts about the Total Control thermostat you may not already now.

1. We recommend the Infinity Touch.

The Infinity Touch Control is designed by the industry-leader, Carrier. Over 100 years ago, engineer Dr. Willis Carrier began his quest to solve the challenge of controlling the indoor environment. During his career, Dr. Carrier filed over 80 patents that brought great advancements in a variety of industries. Those at Carrier continue in the tradition of Dr. Carrier and continue to seek innovative indoor environment solutions. With the Infinity Touch Control, energy control and comfort are at your fingertips with its intuitive touchscreen and specialized features that will enhance your indoor comfort.

2. It has automated temperature control.

This is more helpful than many of us could imagine. Rather than worrying about whether to keep your house cold all day, even when the day starts to cool down, you can
schedule when your air conditioning will kick on in your Neptune Beach home. If you don’t have pets and would like to save on running the air conditioning while you are at
work, you can schedule the thermostat to change about an hour before you get home.

3. You can check your home’s temperature from anywhere.

If you have pets, or even kids, you might get worried that your home is becoming too hot and you are not home to change it. This product has an option where you can
connect to the Infinity Touch system wirelessly. This means while you are at work, you can check the temperature of your house and adjust it without stepping foot in your
home. The thermostat can also be reprogrammed while you are not there.

4. There’s an app for that.

Another convenient feature is how easy it is to control wirelessly. There isn’t a special remote you have to carry around with you, nor do you have to find a laptop or computer in order to log in. If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can download the app and control your climate from anywhere in the world.

5. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to operate the system.

For some consumers, all of this app and worldwide access talk might sound a bit scary. If you prefer the old days of changing the temperature of your home by hand, you’re in luck. The thermostat is simple to use with quick-read icons that allow you to control your environment with just a touch. The color touchscreen has adjustable brightness settings for maximum readability under a variety of lighting conditions. This ensures even the least tech savvy person around will know whether they have achieved their goal in heating or cooling their home.

6. The system offers One Touch Flexibility.

With this feature, you can pre-program comfort settings and access them quickly and easily later. This means that you can change your settings without having to enter your
preferences each time; the system will remember them for you. This feature is especially helpful if you travel often or have a schedule that changes.

7. You can do it all over the internet.

Users can program everything about the thermostat from any Wi-Fi connection on a computer, phone, or tablet.

Don’t swelter in the heat. Instead, find a great system for air conditioning your home that is both better for the environment, by using less energy, and your wallet, with its lower utility costs.

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