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What is a Total Control Thermostat?

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Ocean State Carrier thermostatCutting costs doesn’t mean cutting comfort. In today’s economy, it is becoming more important to be thrifty with your bank account balance every day. As couponing becomes more of a growing phenomenon, more people are looking to learn other ways to cut the cost of their bills. Your thermostat could be a huge part of the problem. Every penny counts, and there are ways you could save big on your electricity bill starting with your air conditioning in your Neptune Beach home.

While many states face issues with summer heat, Florida has some of the hottest and most humid days. Rather than accepting that you will be sweating your way through, or selling a kidney for your electric bill, the Total Control thermostat system offers the relief you will need both from the heat and the expenses. Getting your home climate under control can be easier than you might think. By getting a Total Control thermostat, you can save a lot on your bill. Plus, this new model can save you a ton of money on your bills. Rather than being greener or being less efficient in cooling your home, this type of unit utilizes automated temperature control to cut down the electric bill. Here are some basic facts about the Total Control thermostat you may not already now. (more…)