The Importance Of Duct Cleaning

As Neptune Beach air conditioning users become more energy conscious, they have concentrated on making improvements to their homes. These include energy-efficient heating and air conditioning units. They also include the installation of higher quality insulation, windows, and doors. The irony is that homes are becoming more energy efficient, but indoor air quality is decreasing.

Some of the work that has been performed to maintain a comfortable indoor climate is also trapping contaminants inside. Allergens, dust, and even chemicals may enter your house every time you or your pets come in from outdoors. They may be introduced into your clean home through insecticides or cleaning agents. Inevitably, some of these contaminant particles get through your filters and end up in your air ducts. Then they may be pulled in through your air conditioning back into your home.

Duct Cleaning Can Improve Indoor Air Quality and Keep Your AC Working Better

The solution is to make sure your air ducts are regularly cleaned by a professional. These technicians will take the opportunity to clean vents and ducts. They will also inspect your entire home air conditioning and heating system for any potential problems.

  • Regular vent and duct cleaning can improve indoor air quality.
  • Cleaning can also keep dust particles from being sucked up into your air conditioner and furnace where they can do damage over time.
  • Dirty units will not perform as efficiently so they are costing you money in increased home heating and cooling bills.
  • Cleaning and inspections can also extend the life of your entire heating and cooling system.

It really makes no sense to invest a lot of money in an efficient cooling system and good window seals if the whole system can be degraded because of trapped dirt and toxins. Most reputable HVAC companies offer very inexpensive duct and vent cleaning services too. You can take advantage of these offers so you can get your system cleaned and inspected for problems at the same time.

This is a very smart thing to do because you will be likely to save time and money.  Even better, you will be doing your part to improve indoor air quality, maximize your unit’s efficiency, and extend your system’s life.

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

There are different methods of cleaning air ducts in homes and office buildings. Neptune Beach air conditioning system owners might seek a company that uses the patented Abatement System. This high pressure unit pulls all of the dust off of the walls of your air ducts and out of the circulating air inside the ducts. It does not allow any of this dirt to get back into your home. In fact, you should be pleased to see that your vents are as clean as new when the technician leaves. This service also includes your blower fan and all air registers.

While the technician is on site, you might also take the opportunity to get your dryer vents cleaned. Dirty dryer vents reduce the efficiency of these appliances and might even be hazardous. When your dryer vents are clean, you will find that your clothes dry faster and your electricity bill is lower. This is true if you have an electric or gas dryer.

What Happens If The Technician Finds Problems?

While the trained technician is cleaning your air system, he will also be looking for potential problems and maintenance issues. If he finds any problems, you will be notified immediately. You have the option of having service done right away.  Performing regular maintenance and fixing small problems has been proven to help keep air conditioning systems from developing larger problems. Of course, you are never under any obligation to have additional services performed.

Does Professional Air Duct Cleaning Take A Long Time?

Most home owners are busy people. Expect a trained and efficient technician to finish your job within an hour or two. If you do decide to have your technician fix any additional problems, it may require additional time. Extensive repairs or maintenance issues could be rescheduled to a more convenient time if necessary.

Contact Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating for A Proper Duct Cleaning And Inspection

Contact Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating for a price estimate and a convenient appointment. Services include a complete air duct, vent, and register cleaning. The blower motor will be cleaned and inspected. If requested, the dryer duct will also be cleaned and maintained. Any problems found in the Neptune Beach air conditioning and heating system will be brought to your attention. They can usually be fixed on the spot. Improve your indoor air quality, prevent air conditioning problems, reduce energy bills, and help extend the life of your entire system by getting it cleaned and inspected as soon as possible.

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