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AC Not Working? What to do

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

During the summer in Florida, you need to know that your air conditioning unit will be capable of working 24 X 7 without breaking down. In a hot and humid climate like Florida, having your ac unit in optimal condition is not a luxury, but a necessity. The blistering heat of a Florida summer and resulting perspiration it causes can not only be hard to handle, but can also be potentially dangerous. Every resident of Neptune Beach and Ponte Vedra, Florida knows the importance of having their HVAC system serviced and running smoothly before the onset of summer. (more…)

Indoor Air Quality Importance

Friday, July 12th, 2013

Indoor air quality, commonly called IAQ, is a measure of the purity of the air we breathe in our homes. Unbelievably, the indoor air at homes, schools and offices is 2-5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. If you have pets in your home, pet dander is a major concern, as it can be connected to many respiratory illnesses. The chemicals used in many household items, like furniture polish, furnishings, cleaning agents, and even cosmetics can contain chemical pollutants to an alarming degree. Other common causes of pollution in your home can be found in gas, oil, kerosene, wood, coal, tobacco products, damp rugs and carpets and act as a sponge and soak in the pollutants, pesticides in your home and garden.

HEPA filter

As most of us spend the majority of our lives indoors, the EPA estimates that almost 72% of all air pollution happens at home. Paradoxically, the place we think of as our sanctuary, our home turns out to be our biggest polluter. This is why in recent years most home owners opt to hook-up an HEPA filter to their HVAC unit. This ensures that the air their family and young children breathe is purified and not polluted. Proper ventilation will also bring in much needed fresh air into your home. The indoor air quality is measured by the suspended air particulate matter in it and analyzed in order to diagnose causes for allergy attacks in people with severe allergies. (more…)

How to Stay Cool During the Summer

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Florida is the Sunshine State, everyone knows that. In the heights of summer, when we’re reeling from the sweltering heat, I bet many of us wish it weren’t so. People start to scramble around for ways to stay cool and beat the heat in the summer in Jacksonville, Florida. Given the current economy, people are desperately trying to keep their utility bills under control while also trying to stay cool and comfortable. Here are some tips to stay cool.

Set Your Thermostat

Try to set the thermostat at a barely comfortable temperature; just this single step will help you save a bundle on your utility bills. With the ceiling fan also running, you will not feel the heat so much. If you can, try to use only the fan, and give your air conditioner a rest. This will help not only to save money, but also to extend the life of your ac unit. You can also get a programmable thermostat; learn to program it properly so that you can reap the benefits of having your ac working at the minimum possible when you’re not at home; yet you will not be returning to a furnace-like home, but to a pleasantly cooled place. This is because when you have a programmable thermostat for your air conditioning you can also save on your utility bills, as a constant temperature is less taxing on your ac unit’s compressor than switching off and on. (more…)