Summer Activities for your Family

Summer is here with and with it comes fun and memories. There’s nothing that beats the idea of having the whole family sharing precious moments and having summer fun together. The memories of family summer time lasts for a lifetime and are some of the most cherished moments for many. Here is a list of activities that everyone can enjoy.

Make Some Ice Cream

If you already have an ice-cream maker, then you can easily make your own ice cream. There are plenty of ice cream recipes for just about any flavor you can imagine online. Don’t despair if you don’t have your own ice cream maker. You can use a Ziploc bag and still make great ice cream. Get recipes for making home-made ice cream using a can or bag from online sources as well.

Paint the House (with water)

Just pour water into a bucket and give the kids some brushes and they will have plenty of fun painting the house. To avoid getting the house too messy, it’s preferable that you do it outside. You can paint the house, trees, the sidewalk, fence and any other outdoor facility that’s around. Your kids will love this since they will feel like painting the house is ‘‘so grown up.’’

Create a Lemonade Stand

There’s nothing quite like an old-fashioned lemonade stand. Lemonade is great with the summer heat. Make a lemonade sign and give the kids a big jug of lemonade. Let the kids set up an umbrella for shade, then play some music. The kids will not only enjoy themselves immensely, but will get a chance to learn a thing or two about making money when the neighbors place quarters into their little hands.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

The farmers market is a kind of one-stop shop. There is so much you can do there. Give the kids some bags and let them do their own shopping. Create a kid’s scavenger hunt by letting them find an item for as many alphabetical letters as possible. Take some photos, including pictures of flowers, farm produce, and people to remember the trip.

Build a Mini-Golf Course in the Backyard

You can build a miniature golf course, something like a 9-hole course, in the backyard for the kids. Everybody, including the adults, can take part in playing golf. Distribute the holes a little; one at the well, the other at the garage, a third at the oak tree, and so on. If the kids are very young, scale down your golf course to a size that won’t tax them too much.

Make some Pancakes

Let the kids help you make pancakes. Try out different shapes, colors, and sizes. Let the kids have a go at it. Once prepared, allow children to carry them to the dining room or eat outdoors.

Have a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Visit the local botanical garden or forest preserve and let the kids write down the names of as many plants and animals that they happen to see. When you see a bird perched in the trees, ask them its name and if they are unsure, teach them. Watch out for animal tracks and help the kids identify the animals that made the tracks.

Family Bike Ride

Let everybody grab a bike and hit the road. Avoid busy roads. Remember to wear helmets. Dress comfortably and ride in groups. Take care to avoid very challenging routes. If the kids get too tired, they might get discouraged and start whining. That’s sure to take the fun out of it.

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