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Why is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

Monday, June 17th, 2013

It’s summer time now and outside temperatures can feel close to those in a blast furnace. You go out to check on your AC unit and are astounded to find it looking like a glacier; the machine is covered in solid ice! You are dumbfounded by the spectacle. After all, how do you explain all that ice right in the middle of so much heat? A frozen AC unit is a bizarre, yet common, sight and can happen even when air temperatures are soaring. To help you out of your conundrum and give you some insights on the causes of the problem, here are some possible reasons why your AC unit may be freezing: (more…)

Summer Activities for your Family

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Summer is here with and with it comes fun and memories. There’s nothing that beats the idea of having the whole family sharing precious moments and having summer fun together. The memories of family summer time lasts for a lifetime and are some of the most cherished moments for many. Here is a list of activities that everyone can enjoy.

Make Some Ice Cream

If you already have an ice-cream maker, then you can easily make your own ice cream. There are plenty of ice cream recipes for just about any flavor you can imagine online. Don’t despair if you don’t have your own ice cream maker. You can use a Ziploc bag and still make great ice cream. Get recipes for making home-made ice cream using a can or bag from online sources as well. (more…)

Can The Salt Air Damage My Unit?

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Many people find the smell of salt air intoxicating and enjoy living along the coastal regions immensely. However, staying permanently in a place with salt air comes with a price. Salt air is very corrosive and rapidly degrades many types of metallic objects including barbecue grills, AC units, vehicles, metal doors, and an assortment of bathroom fixtures. The chloride ions present in the salt are responsible for corroding metal. These ions react with the thin metallic oxide layer that forms on top of most metallic objects and once this layer is gone, the metal underneath is left susceptible to all manner of substances.

If you live in a place with salt air, you will find that your AC unit corrodes pretty quickly, sometimes in as little as 3-5 years. The salt also accumulates rapidly on the AC’s coils and impedes airflow. To further aggravate matters, although AC manufacturers usually provide a 10-year warranty on their equipment, the warranty does not cover corrosion. This means that any costs associated with corrosion damage cannot be compensated. Lucky for you, you can use a variety of chemical elements to protect your AC from the ravages of sea air. Here is how to go about applying these anti-corrosive substances: (more…)