When Is a Second Unit Necessary?

You have an air conditioning unit, but it seems woefully inadequate to fight the sweltering heat of the Jacksonville, Florida summers. You can always try to fix an auxiliary unit in one of the bedrooms or the living room – wherever you and your family are likely to spend most of your time. The second unit has to be decided on the size of the room where you are planning on fixing it.

If the air conditioning in your HVAC system is not capable of giving the cool comfort you desire, then the only option is to go for a supplementary air conditioning unit which can be fixed to a window. You have to decide on the capacity of the air conditioner based on the size of the room. It is very simple to calculate the required size of your air conditioning unit for a room. Simply measure the length and breadth of a room. Then get the product of the length and breadth, and then multiply the result by 25 BTUs. For instance, if your room is 15 X 15, the product is = 225. For the required size of the air conditioner, multiply 225 X 25 BTUs, = 5625 BTUs. So, look for an air conditioner with a cooling quotient of 5625 BTUs for optimum efficiency.

Don’t think that bigger is necessarily better; if you buy a bigger capacity air conditioner than necessary, it will mean that your air conditioner will be constantly switching on and off. This cannot be healthy for the a/c unit and is bound to create problems in the longer run. If you think you will be saving money and on the initial outlay by opting for a smaller capacity air conditioner than you need, think again; all you would have achieved is an over-worked unit, which constantly tries to keep the temperature at the required levels and fails. This means your a/c unit will be working almost non-stop and your utility bills will also be proportionately high. This is why it is important to ascertain the correct capacity of an air conditioner necessary for your room or your home and get it.

If you want to buy a second a/c unit to supplement your centralized a/c, say in the large family room where the entire family and the children and pets spend their summer break, then it makes sense. Or if you want to fix another a/c unit in the master bedroom for added comfort in the hot and sweaty nights, it is essential to get the right capacity. Measure the room and calculate the required capacity of the a/c unit, as demonstrated above. This way you will be able to strike a perfect balance between the desired comfort and energy efficiency and economy. Don’t forget to get both the units serviced regularly. This will ensure that the efficiency of the units is not affected and they continue performing at their optimal cooling levels for many years to come.

At Ocean State, we are fully aware of the need for proper temperature control in your home. Florida summers are hot and humid, and so it is necessary to have the comfort of centralized air conditioning and also the need for some augmentation during the peak summers. We also know that frequently, people in the Jacksonville Florida area worry so much about the summers that they neglect the winters, and find themselves with inefficient heaters. Just as it is important to get the air conditioning serviced before the onset of summer, it is equally important to get the heaters serviced before winter, especially as the breezes coming off the Florida Keys can be bitterly cold. We have been servicing residents and businesses in the Jacksonville area since 1975. Our clientele list can attest to the quality of our services. Our staff members are factory-trained and well-qualified. We are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday. When you call us with a problem, we try to come as early as possible. Call us today for a free quote!

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