What are the Different Types of A/C Units?

Homeowners and commercial property owners will most likely want to install some kind of A/C unit in their properties. Air conditioning units serve several important purposes. First they help keep the air within the property cool and comfortable during the hotter months of the year. This helps ensure that the building’s occupants are comfortable. A/C units also help to prevent the spread of allergens like dust and pollen throughout the air, which can help lessen the health effects for people with allergies or breathing problems. There are several different types of A/C units to choose from. Which specific type the property owner chooses will depend on the size and type of the building, as well as the cooling requirements for the building’s occupants.

The Window Air Conditioning Unit

The window A/C unit is one of the most popular styles of air conditioners, probably because it is one of the least expensive versions. These particular units are designed to provide cool air to small rooms. They are not capable of providing cooling services to very large areas or areas with a large number of occupants. These units are typically mounted in the building’s window, or in some cases, in the building’s wall. The back end of the unit typically is found outside of the building, while the front end, which features the controls, is located inside of the building. The window A/C unit is a simple machine. It features a condenser and a compressor unit, as well as a small fan to push the air into the room.

The Split Air Conditioning Unit

The Split A/C unit is very similar in design as the window A/C unit, but these units are designed to cool areas that are larger than what a window unit can cool. A Split A/C unit has the same basic components, including a condenser, a compressor and an expansion valve. It gets the name split unit because one half of the unit is inside of the building while the other half is outside of the building. A Split A/C unit can be found in floor mounted units or in wall mounted units.

Central Air Conditioning

Central A/C units are located inside of the structure and they use a central cooling unit to cool the air, which is then pushed through the entire property through a series of supply ducts. This is one of the most effective and efficient A/C units for residential and commercial properties and it can be used to provide cool air to very large areas. A Central A/C unit uses an air handler unit or AHU to draw in outdoor air through the return ducts. Then it uses an evaporator coil to cool the air and force it into the building’s rooms through supply ducts and vents.

Packaged A/C Units

These A/C units are also used to cool down larger spaces than a window or Split unit A/C unit. These use either water or air to cool the building’s air. Packaged units are popular because they are efficient and quiet, and are better for the environment than most other A/C units. They are also cheaper than many other types of units.

Roof Top A/C Units

A Roof Top A/C unit is made to cool very large buildings and the major compressor and refrigerant parts of the unit are located on the building’s roof. These units usually take in air either vertically or horizontally and cool it within the refrigerant coil. Then it uses a powerful fan blower and a series of ducts and vents to send the cool air throughout the building. Roof Top A/C units are often expensive.

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