Quick Cleaning for Fans and Air Conditioners

It is important to perform regular maintenance on your fans and air conditioning units to help keep them running effectively. Regular maintenance will take some of the pressure off of how these machines operate, which makes them run smoother, more efficiently and will reduce the likelihood that they will require professional fan or A/C repair. Performing regular maintenance on your cooling units is simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. However, it is worth this extra bit of effort because these steps could end up saving you money on costly replacements or repairs. Here are some quick cleaning tips for your fans and air conditioners.

A/C Unit and Fan Problems

The air that circulates in your home is not always very clean. There are various particles floating around, including dust, animal dander, pollen, dirt, smoke and potentially harmful chemicals. These particles will eventually settle on the objects located in your home, especially devices that circulate air, such as fans and A/C units. This can cause several problems, including but not limited to dust-covered fans, dirty looking fans and clogged A/C filters and vents. If your cooling units become clogged or bogged down by dirty particles, odds are they won’t be functioning at maximum efficiency. The good news is that it is rather easy to clean these units in just a few minutes’ time.

Cleaning Dirty Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are great ways to circulate air in your home. They don’t require a lot of energy and very rarely need to be repaired. The biggest problem you are likely to have with your ceiling fan is that it will become covered with dust and dirt and will look bad. Cleaning your ceiling fan is easy however. Simply get up on a ladder with a wet towel, or use one of those adjustable dusters to wipe the dirt and dust off of the blades. It is a good idea to put an old tablecloth down under the fan to help collect any debris that falls during the cleaning process. Clean all parts of the fan you can see twice. Once to remove dirt and dust and a second time to remove any oily film that may accumulate.

Portable Fan Cleaning

Portable fans may also collect a lot of dirt and dust on their blades. Regular cleaning of your portable fan will make sure you are not blowing pollen, dirt, dust and dander directly into your face every time you use the fan. Most portable fans will have either screws or clips that will allow you to open their grilles to reach the blades. Give each blade and other parts of the fan a good cleaning with a dust-trapping microfiber cloth or with a wet washcloth. Make sure you unplug the unit first. Dry the blades and fan components with cool air from a hair dryer before you replace the grille.

Cleaning A/C Unit Filters

Every A/C unit contains an air filter to prevent the unit from sending dirt, dust and pollen particles into the home. If this filter gets clogged it will reduce the efficiency of your unit and possibly damage it. You can often prevent A/C repairs by periodically cleaning or replacing your A/C unit’s filters. Most central A/C units, and some window A/C units, will require a new air filter every year. Others have filters that are washable. To clean a washable filter simply remove it from the unit and wash it with warm water until the water is able to run through it and come out clear on the other side. You can also spray the filter with a fabric refresher to remove any smells. A/C units also have air vents on the machine. These vents are where the air will enter the filter. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any debr

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