Lower Your Heating Bills with These 7 Tips

These days, everyone wants to be able to save money. Today’s economy, however, seems to do its best to keep everyone from putting any money aside for a rainy day. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help save a little of your hard earned cash when it comes to your heating bill .

Some handy tips:

1. Dress Warmly. One reason your bills may be higher than you’d like stems from keeping your house too warm. Try turning your thermostat down to a comfortable level, such as 68 degrees, and then wearing heavier pants and a long sleeve shirt. This alone can help save money over trying to keep your house warm enough for lighter clothing, such as short pants and thin t-shirts, in the dead of winter.

2. Exchange Your Old Thermostat with a Modern Replacement. Older, non-programmable thermostats used to be fine once, but many of today’s homes sit empty while the owners are working. There is no need to keep your home toasty while it is unoccupied, and this is where a programmable thermostat comes in. These thermostats will lower the heat during the hours you and your family are away, and can raise the temperature when you come back home, lowering those bills.

3. Open your Curtains. Allowing sunlight into your home during bright, but cold, winter days will allow the natural light of the sun to help keep your home warm and cozy. Shutting the curtains again at sunset will help trap the heat inside your home.

4. Assess your Home’s Efficiency. Having a competent and qualified technician assess your home can let you know exactly where heat is escaping from your home, allowing you to make the repairs needed to keep more heat inside your home.

5. Consider “Zone” Heating. By only heating the rooms you are actually using, you can decrease the costs of heating your home in the winter months. After all, it makes no sense to heat areas you aren’t in or aren’t likely to go during the day.

6. Leave Your Vents Open. One common misconception is that shutting vents in unused rooms can help save energy, but studies have shown the opposite is true due to leakage of heat through the ducts.

7. Cover Your Windows with Plastic. Covering windows with plastic sheeting can also help keep heat in your home by preventing the warmer air from escaping through sills or around windows with minute cracks around them.

By following these simple steps, you can save money this winter and keep your home a warm and inviting place to live.

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