Does My House need Surge Protection for the HVAC System?

The average home these days has many different electronic products. Everything from TVs to toasters are computerized now, and nearly any modern device you can think of has a printed circuit board in it, even your HVAC system. At one time, you would have only needed a surge protector if you had a high end TV or stereo, but not anymore.

Anything from lightning to problems with your power company’s power grid can cause a costly and destructive power surge in your home, which can cause a lot of expensive damage to today’s modern electronics.

Air conditioners and HVAC systems, for example, were once completely mechanical, but with advances in electronics and the quest for more efficient machines they too have been outfitted with sensitive electronic components. The HVAC unit today could be damaged by a surge in power, but the problem is that it is hard to determine how much, if any, damage was caused by the surge.

Of course, a larger surge might cause an immediate failure of the system, but with smaller surges, it might still work fine – for a while. Many HVAC units can’t be repaired after experiencing a power surge and will need to be replaced, though some can be repaired and put back into service.

One of the easiest solutions to protecting these expensive appliances is to have a “whole-home surge suppressor” installed at the breaker box. These systems can protect against damages incurred by items like your HVAC, which is installed directly into your power line and isn’t run from an outlet, like smaller household electronic items.

Utilizing a whole-house surge suppressor will keep surges from entering the house, keeping the frail electronics in your HVAC system working like new. Smaller surge protectors which plug into home outlets are still recommended for protecting smaller systems and products, however.

If you are unsure about whether or not you need a surge protector, a knowledgeable and competent HVAC technician can look over your system and let you know if your system is protected, or vulnerable to damage from an electric surge. With the assistance of a qualified technician, you can keep your system secure and safe from power surges, and rest easy knowing that if a surge does come through, you have taken every necessary step to protect your valuable HVAC unit and all of its components.

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