Air Conditioning Repair in Jacksonville FL

Living in Florida has many advantages, such as great restaurants, beautiful beaches and resorts, and some of the best golf courses in the country. Sometimes, we want to get inside, out of the heat, and simply relax. However, nothing can ruin a relaxing day like finding out your AC unit has broken down.

One of the benefits of living in Jacksonville Florida is Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating. If you find your AC unit is on the fritz, one of our highly-trained and certified HVAC technicians can repair your air conditioner quickly and efficiently, so your home can be cool and your mind at ease.

Ocean State’s technicians are fully trained by the factory to ensure your unit gets the best care possible, and you get fast, reliable service for all your repair and installation needs. These technicians work to restore your heating and cooling units to factory fresh and are happy to assist you with any of your AC questions or concerns. Your satisfaction is our goal, and our staff works hard to make sure you will be more than satisfied with any job we perform for you.

Ocean State is fully staffed with helpful and friendly staff ready to take your call and will dispatch a technician quickly to your location to help you with any problems you might be having with your AC or heating units. Even after hours on Sunday, they have crews ready to answer your calls for help and provide you with quick and competent service.

If you would rather schedule an appointment on the internet, there is a quick and easy form you can fill out and submit to get your appointment scheduled as quickly as possible. No matter if you need an emergency repair or make an appointment to have one of our technicians pay you a visit, our technicians will fully inspect your equipment to make sure the problem is officially diagnosed and identified, so your repair will consist only of what you actually need. You’ll never have to worry about additional “repairs” or “problems”. We will only fix what needs fixed when you call. Your unit will get exactly what it needs to go back into service, and you’ll only pay for the actual repair.

If you need your AC unit repaired or replaced, call Ocean State. They will give you the quality repairs and customer service you need to keep your home running comfortably and efficiently.

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