How Routine Inspections Save You Money

Performing routine inspections and maintenance on your AC unit can keep it running properly for years. Maintenance should include changing the filter, lubricating the machine, and checking the fan belt, along with cleaning the condensing unit drain line.

Performing routine inspections on your air conditioning system can alleviate the heartache of dealing with a nonfunctioning unit on the hottest days of the year. Every sensible homeowner should have a routine maintenance program to keep their air-conditioning system running smoothly throughout the year. Doing so can save them much frustration, tons of money, and sweat.

There are five simple steps to performing a routine inspection that can save you money on repair bills or save the cost of replacing your AC unit. The steps include:

  • Inspect Your Filters Regularly – A routine maintenance program for the AC unit requires an inspection of the filters that need to be changed on a regular basis. Depending on the type of filters your AC unit uses, they may require changing every 30 to 60 days. Replacing the filter can be performed by the homeowner.
  • Proper Machine Lubrication – Friction tends to cause wear and tear on the AC unit. A technician can oil the bearings in the motor at least twice each year.
  • Fan Belt Inspection – Both the pulleys and the fan belt must be inspected for proper tension along with wear and tear. This is a maintenance job that should be left to a professional who has the ability to determine if the parts are worn out.
  • A Clean Condensing Unit – Any foreign object, dirt, and grime can dramatically reduce the performance of the AC unit. A professional will hose away any dirt, grime, insects, or other debris that might be caught within the grill of the outdoor condensing unit.
  • A Free-Flowing Drain Line – A complete inspection should be made of the entire drain line of the AC unit to ensure it is free-flowing. There may be a buildup of algae or other debris that will need to be unplugged.

Hiring an Inspector

A competent, qualified inspector and/or HVAC technician can perform a complete inspection on your AC unit. They will inspect the outdoor condenser, along with the interior air handler that contains the blower and exchange coil.

Your AC/furnace unit is an essential component to living comfortably within your home. It needs to be maintained through a schedule maintenance program at least twice a year. By changing the filters on your own each month, you can minimize problems down the road that could be very costly. Routine maintenance can ensure that the unit is fully charged and working at its peak performance levels to keep the air quality comfortable in your home all year long.

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