Why You Need to Change Your Air Filter

Households that do not change their air conditioner on a regular basis can cause significant damage to their AC/heating unit. Determining exactly when to change your filters will be based on various factors including the filter type, household pets and environmental air pollution.

Changing the air filters for your HVAC system on a regular basis can keep the inside of your home cleaner and extend the life of your AC unit. As part of a routine maintenance program, it is essential that every homeowner change their filters on a regular basis. However, remembering to do it can often be a challenge.

Maintaining your HVAC system will help it run smoothly and eliminate the need for air conditioning repair. Many times, heating and cooling technicians make service calls to homes that have extensive damage to their air-conditioning system that was caused by a buildup of dirt and grime within the system. By simply cleaning or replacing the air filter as part of a routine maintenance program could have eliminated the problem in the first place.

Clean Filters Equals Proper Performance

Changing the furnace, AC, and return air filters is vital for the proper performance of your heating and cooling system. Additionally, it helps to improve the home’s air quality and diminishes environmental health risks to the family. Without knowing it, you may be exposing your family to indoor air pollution which can increase the potential of breathing problems.

The challenge that is often experienced by homeowners in changing their air filters is usually based on two specific obstacles that include:

  • Understanding how often a furnace or air conditioning filter needs to be changed
  • Actually changing the air filters throughout the home when needed

When It Is Time to Change the Filters

Obviously, filters need to be changed when they are dirty. However, understanding exactly when you will need to change your air filters will depend on various factors that include:

  • Filter Types – How often you change your filters will depend on the type used in your home.
  • Home Air Quality – If the quality of air in your home is significantly poor, you will need to change the filters more often.
  • Family Pets – With a high buildup of dander and hair from your pets, changing your filters will likely be required more often than if you do not have a pet.
  • Home Occupancy – If your home is unoccupied, you will not need to change the filter less often.
  • Environmental Air Pollution – If your home is located around new home construction or areas of high pollution you will need to change your filters more often.

To easily remember to change your filters, consider marking the days on a calendar. Keeping your air filters clean is important for the life of your family, and the AC unit. It will reduce the potential of having to involve a competent, licensed HVAC professional.

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