Gas Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

The cooler fall and winter months come along with a wealth of exciting changes. The holidays will be coming and we’ll get a chance to celebrate one of the most exciting times of the year with our friends, family members, and loved ones. We also get a chance to reflect on another year well lived.

However, there are important technical issues to consider as well – for instance, the state of your furnace. While it is always suggested to hire an expert to come look at your furnace, you should also be aware of the many ways you can troubleshoot your furnace yourself in order to save valuable time and money.

Check Your Filters
You’d be surprised how many furnace issues a dirty filter can cause. In fact, dirty filters have been shown to be responsible for a staggering 90% of common furnace issues. If you’ve been having issues with your furnace and can’t remember the last time you switched out your filter, then the chances are excellent that it’s time. Keep a small supply of replacement filters on hand and switch them out often in order to avoid future issues.

Check to Make Sure All Systems Are “Go”
If you have a gas furnace, be sure to check to see whether or not the pilot light is properly lit. Also check to make sure your unit’s fan blower is set to “on”, the thermostat temperature selector is set to “heat”, and that not more than 20% of your furnace’s register fixtures are closed. Check to make sure the door cover is on firmly and properly as well. Then try hitting your unit’s reset button.

Check for Tripped Fuses or Blockage
Many people forget to check to make sure their unit’s outer vents aren’t either partially or completely blocked by ice, snow, or other debris. Be sure to check yours and attempt to remove the blockage to the best of your ability. Tripped or blown fuses are also common issues that prevent furnaces from switching on and working properly.

If after checking all of these basics your furnace still doesn’t seem to be working properly, then you can consider calling in an expert to take a look… but you just may be surprised at how easy it is to get to know your furnace and keep it in good working condition yourself now that you know how to troubleshoot common issues yourself. Try it today!

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