Why It’s Important to Maintain Your AC Unit before Winter

Jacksonville is known for enjoying great weather throughout the year. However, Jacksonville is also known for having sporadic cold weather during January and February. The last thing that a homeowner wants on one of the cold nights is a heating unit that does not work.

Emergency calls to repair broken heating and cooling systems can be expensive. The truth is, most could have been avoided with a simple system tune-up. As fall quickly approaches, now is the perfect time to have you heating and cooling system checked for winter.

Another thing that all home owners should do when preparing for winter is make sure all of their home vents are clean. Florida is known for its dust, and these vents can quickly get filled, blocking airflow into your home. Most homeowners compensate for this decrease by increasing the temperature to make the home warmer. This puts additional strain on the equipment and causes bills to rise.

Make sure that your air filter has been changed. It is recommended that you change your air filter at least once a month year round. This keeps air flowing into your system freely. This also prevents particles of dust from entering your ductwork and causing buildup.

Take a quick look at your thermostat and determine if it is working properly. If it is an older version, you may wish to consider updating your thermostat for a digital product. Improperly working thermostats can cause the heating and cooling system to work harder than necessary. A bad thermostat can also increase your heating and cooling costs.

The most important thing you can do to make sure your system is maintained, however, is to have it checked by a professional. Hire a professional like a technician at Ocean Sate to come and evaluate your system and adjust and repair anything that needs to be corrected. These preventative maintenance calls are very cost effective. Most people that actively perform routine maintenance on their systems can delay major repairs or replacements on their systems by several years.

These simple steps, taken now before the weather turns cool, can help Jacksonville, Florida, homeowners save money and stay warm.

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