Effects of Storm Damage on Your Unit

Ocean State is Your Friend in a Jacksonville, Florida, Storm

The recent flooding from tropical storms and heavy rain is a reminder of the hazardous weather that we Floridians can face. It also is a reminder of the resilience of the people of this region. For those that want to enjoy the wonderful climate and beautiful landscape of Florida, rebuilding and repairing is a part of life. Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating is often where Florida State residents go when fixing their cooling and heating systems after a damaging Florida storm.

The Effects of Tropical Storm Debby on Your A/C Unit
Unfortunately the storm and heat are combining after Tropical Storm Debby this year for a one-two punch. When the storm subsides, dangerously high heat conditions are expected prompting disaster relief officials to recommend staying fully hydrated and in an air-conditioned facility for the most vulnerable.

Many people can no longer rely on their air conditioning systems due to the flooding damage they incurred during the storm. Some people face the prospect of leaving their homes and going to shelters as protection from the heat.

If you are affected by Tropical Storm Debby and need your air conditioning system repaired, give Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating a call. With 35 years of experience in Florida, they have seen some of the worst Florida storms ever recorded and over that time, they have been a part of the re-building of this great state.

The team at Ocean State prides ourselves in answering the call of customers in need. Through Internet coupons, manufacturer rebates, and our in-house financing, they not only help make the repairs or install, they can help make it affordable in an emergency.

If funding for your repairs is coming from disaster relief funds, insurance companies or an other third party, they can assist with applications, written bids, inspection reports, and expert removal and installation. They are the kind of friends you need for storm damage repair.

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