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Effects of Storm Damage on Your Unit

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

Ocean State is Your Friend in a Jacksonville, Florida, Storm

The recent flooding from tropical storms and heavy rain is a reminder of the hazardous weather that we Floridians can face. It also is a reminder of the resilience of the people of this region. For those that want to enjoy the wonderful climate and beautiful landscape of Florida, rebuilding and repairing is a part of life. Ocean State Air Conditioning and Heating is often where Florida State residents go when fixing their cooling and heating systems after a damaging Florida storm.

The Effects of Tropical Storm Debby on Your A/C Unit
Unfortunately the storm and heat are combining after Tropical Storm Debby this year for a one-two punch. When the storm subsides, dangerously high heat conditions are expected prompting disaster relief officials to recommend staying fully hydrated and in an air-conditioned facility for the most vulnerable. (more…)