The Newest Trends in Air Conditioning

The newest trends in green air conditioning installation offer higher efficiency, in addition to lower prices. In this way, consumers and companies are rewarded for their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint on the present ecosystems.

The key is to find the most energy-efficient air conditioning model that suits your home. There are various models available, most of which meet the 9.7 Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) requirements for smaller and medium-sized units. Larger models require a 9.8 EER .

Energy Star Requirements
Most air conditioning units are also required to meet or exceed the 10.7 EER in order to qualify for Energy Star endorsements. The new safety features of these eco-friendly units also include electrical plugs designed to assist in the prevention of fires, when they automatically turn off in the event of a damaged power cord.

Electrical Efficiency
Air conditioners timers are also eco-efficient because they may be turned off according to settings, such as when no one is present. They can also be set to turn on just prior to when people plan on returning to a location. Energy-saver settings also stop fans when compressors are off. Using these features not only saves on energy consumption, but it also means lower electrical bills.

Choosing for Energy Efficiency
The best ways to conserve energy and expenses on air conditioning installation is to first determine the proper sizing of the place you wish to cool, by measuring for exact square footage. Plan on increasing the capacity for areas such as kitchens or rooms that are generally occupied by over two at a time.

One way to measure for cooling efficiency is to use an Air Conditioner Sizing Worksheet to help calculate the power level of the air conditioning required. There are also video buying guides that can assist in demonstrating the various air conditioning options available.

When windows are off-center, the direction of the air flow will be a concern to factor in. Be certain to check the airflow ventilation in all rooms, to determine whether adequate air flow exists in the right direction for each room.

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