Common AC Problems You Can Fix

Here’s a secret from our air-conditioning technicians to you – there are some AC problems you can fix on your own. We trust that you don’t want to have to call a technician every time something stalls so we want to help you find a way to minimize cost and time by giving you a few tricks so when your air-conditioning unit breaks down at midnight, you can grab that wrench and confidently get to work!

Clogged Filters

This is one of the most common problems with an air-conditioning unit. Generally, you should change your filters every month. When a filter gets clogged with excessive dirt and debris, it often has a snowball effect on the rest of your unit. Once the air filter is clogged it leads to other parts of the unit not working properly, like the furnace. When the condenser fins in the furnace does not get air, the furnaces freezes up.

The fix: Change your air filter and do it regularly. If, for whatever reason, you can’t change the filter once a month then at least try it for once every couple months but no more than that.

Clogged Fins

The fins are often clogged by dust and debris. When the air conditioners suck in air, the dust and debris present gets lodged in the air filter. Once this happens, it clogs the inside of the condenser.

The fix: Use a special fin brush to clean out the dust particles and debris in the condenser. Also, this is another important reason why you should change your air filter regularly.

Thermometer Doesn’t Work

Does the thermometer no longer indicate the temperature in your home? This is easy.

The fix: If the thermometer in your AC unit is no longer working, it may only require new batteries. If that doesn’t work, then make sure you set the temperature lower than the room temperature as that may be another alternative to fix the issue.

To learn other quick fixes for your home’s air-conditioning unit, contact the professional, friendly team at Ocean State Heating and Air today.

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