Save on Your Heating Bills in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida, can get surprisingly cold during the winter months. As Floridians, exposed to heat on an almost yearly basis, our reaction to this sudden drop may get drastic. To stay warm, we do everything from investing in wearable blankets to buying enough firewood to build a log cabin. What’s the most detrimental thing we do to keep warm? Up your heater to temperatures that will break your bank.

Here are 7 ways to lower your heating usage, save money on your heating bill, and use less energy.

Install a Programmable Thermostat. An average homeowner spends more than $1,000 annually on heating and cooling costs. When you switch from a manual to a programmable thermostat, you instantly save $180 a year. When you are not home all day, there is no need to heat your house to 70 degrees. A programmable thermostat will help you monitor your heating usage.

Install Storm Windows and Doors. It’s a pain but glass inserts will keep more heat in so it takes less energy to keep your home warm.

Utilize your drapes and blinds. During the day, open your blinds and drapes to let the sun in. When the sun goes down, close them. It’s a simple task that will help you let the sun in and then keep the heat in.

Service your furnace. Before the winter months really take their toll on your Jacksonville, Florida, home, invest a thorough furnace inspection. A proper cleaning and maintenance service will prevent a costly breakdown and allow your furnace to operate at its optimal level.

Insulate heating ducts that are exposed to the lower temperatures. Do you have heating ducts that run through the garage or attic? This is where you want your focus to lie. Wrap the exposed ducts with insulation to prevent heat from escaping.

Seal your attic door closed (temporarily). Do you have one of those traditional attic doors that have pull-down stairways? The heat escapes through the cracks of the door making your heater work harder to heat your home. Try plastic sheet and tape or an attic door cover.

Seal your fireplace if you don’t use it. Heat escapes through the chimney. So, if you don’t use it, then seal it.
To learn more ways to save money on your heating bill, contact Ocean State today. One of our Jacksonville, Florida, technicians will be happy to provide an on-site consultation and a thorough review of your heating traps. We’ll offer any suggestion and even provide you with a free consultation on services that will allow you to lower your heating bill with ease.

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