A Good AC Checkup Should Include

It’s a common fact that the best way to ensure the quality of your air-conditioner is with proper A/C maintenance. Despite its benefits, many homeowners deter from completing routine preventative maintenance. When a breakdown occurs, many homeowners are left wondering “what went wrong?” when the problem may have been solved more costly through maintenance. What’s more, preventive maintenance can save you up to 30% in annual cooling costs. These days, that’s a savings that can really add up.

On the other hand, routine maintenance is no good if it’s not completed properly. During a quality preventative maintenance, your  A/C system undergoes an in-depth analysis where your HVAC contractor examines and adjusts cooling components to ensure that your system is running at its top efficiency. So what comes with a quality preventative maintenance service?

At Ocean State, we ensure your service will always include the following:

  • System controls are tested for operational safety
  • Lubrication is provided to moving parts to prevent unwanted friction in the motor
  • Evaporator and condenser coils are cleaned
  • Condensate drains are cleared of debris and blockage
  • Refrigerant levels are adjusted
  • Thermostats are checked for accuracy
  • Air filters are changed
  • Air blowers are adjusted to provided maximum airflow

All of these services are part of a thorough evaluation and system adjustment that boosts your system’s efficiency and allows your HVAC contractor to catch potential problems before it causes damage to your air-conditioning system.

If your system has not had routine maintenance in a while, now is the time to schedule it. Call Ocean State today for an expert maintenance service. Our trained, friendly technicians will provide top-quality service while taking good to assess any potential threats or trouble areas. It’s your air-conditioner, treat it with care by relying on our air conditioner specialists to get the job done right.


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