First Steps to Turning on Your Heat

With October right around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for colder days, and even colder nights.  Better to be safe than sorry when preparing for the cold weather. Waiting till the night of it hitting 40 degrees to test your central heating system may not be the best idea. We suggest before turning on the heat, to make sure your house is sealed up correctly. Remove any window air conditioning units for the winter season as these do not seal tightly and can let in a lot of cold air. After this is done make sure all windows are closed tightly and locked. Also, be sure to check all attic doors and attic crawl spaces, as well as your basement door to assure that they are properly shut and sealed. Once you make sure your home is properly sealed for the colder nights, it’s time to turn on and test your furnace.  After turning it on, smell for anything unusual or a burning smell. If you see fire or smoke, call 911. Also listen for any unusual sounds, as if your furnace is struggling. If it is making odd sounds, turn it off and call your heating company. Testing your heating unit early not only avoids the stress of having to call a heating company when they are in high demand but keeps your family warm the entire winter.

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