Energy Efficiency Starts in Your Backyard

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, energy-efficient landscape can reduce your heating and cooling bills to give you substantial energy savings. In fact, the study shows the shading under tress close to ground level can reduce surrounding air temperatures by 25 degrees compared to air temperatures above nearby blacktop paving. Whether it’s radiated heat from nearby blacktop or absorbed solar heat from roof and windows, your home’s air conditioning system will have to work overtime to keep you cool during the hot Florida seasons.

The choice of trees in your landscape design can increase your home’s energy efficiency. Try deciduous trees to shade your home in the summer. This type of tree loses their leaves in the winter to allow heat from the sun’s rays on your home in the winter. Maximizing shading benefits to keep your home cooler in summer can be as simple as planting trees that have a high and spreading canopy on the southern exposure of your yard.  Even if you plant slower-growing trees, they will begin shading the outside walls and windows immediately.

Saving on your energy bills doesn’t always mean spending the most money. Try this eco-and-budget friendly alternative and contact our HVAC technicians for more helpful hints.


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