Preparing for the Hot Summer Days

With the hottest days still to come in Florida, your air conditioning unit hasn’t been put to the test just yet. Your air conditioner cools, dehumidifies, and filters your home`s air, making it cleaner and far more comfortable. So nothing is worse than your air conditioning unit breaking in the middle of the summer hot days, and not being prepared.  We highly suggest getting a tune up at the beginning of every season, and cleaning off any of the leaves or debris your unit could have collected over the off season. Keeping the components clean, helps prevent most common problems that occur in the beginning of a new season. A tune up for your air conditioning unit is highly suggested at the beginning of a new season (twice a year in Jacksonville, Florida) to prevent serious issues, such as your air conditioning breaking in the middle of one of those hot summer days. A certified technician could be able to notice if something is running wrong with your unit before it totally shuts down.  Part of an air conditioners job is to catch various pollutants such as allergens, chemicals, and bugs. These are all caught with the filter; we highly suggest checking and replacing your unit’s filter once a month, or cleaning a reusable filter. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s directions for assistance or calling a certified technician for help. Our factory-trained technicians provide every possible type of repair service for the brands we carry and install and would be glad to help.

Check out our video….How to Replace Your Air Filter

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