Local Jacksonville Energy Provider Offering Rebates to Homeowners

As winter quickly approaches, owners of existing homes in the Jacksonville area could benefit from energy efficiency rebate programs offered by Beaches Energy Service. This leading local energy provider is offering rebates ranging from $25 – $500 on selected energy efficient home improvements including certain thermostats, solar water heaters, etc. (For qualified products/improvements, please see the table below.)

Beaches Energy Service’s program – which applies dollar credits directly to your utility bill – encourages residents to replace outdated, inefficient appliances in their homes with higher rated, more energy-saving equivalents. The program is aimed at helping individuals conserve energy, protect the environment, and save money through energy efficiency.

Below are some restrictions that apply to the Beaches Energy Service’s rebate program. If you have any questions, be sure to call an accredited heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Contractor such as Ocean State in order to ensure you qualify.

Requirements include:

  • Rebates are valid only on existing residential homes
  • Rebates do not apply to new construction homes
  • The customer must receive retail electric service from Beaches Energy Services
  • The Qualifying Energy Efficient Equipment and Installations must be located on the customer’s premises
Qualified Products or Improvements Maximum Rebate Amount
A/C Heat Pump SEER 14 $100
A/C Heat Pump SEER 15 or higher $300
Programmable Thermostat $25
Duct Leak Repair / Replacement $150
Attic Insulation Upgrade $300
Window Film / Solar Screen $100
Solar Water Heater $500

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