How to stay cool while being “green”

You don’t have to choose between being comfortable and being smart about energy consumption. With a few simple changes to your normal behavior, you can consume less energy while staying cool, even during hot Florida summers.

  • Leave the system on when you aren’t home. Turning the AC off when you leave the house actually uses more energy than just raising the thermostat when you know no one will be indoors.
  • Turn the lights off. If saving energy by turning the lights off isn’t already a habit, it’s time to make it one. Lights give off heat which makes the AC work harder. By turning them off as you leave the room, you save energy both from the light itself and minimizing the work
  • Use your fans. They can move the air so that the humidity is more bearable and lower the temperature a few degrees. You can keep the thermostat a little higher and use less energy by turning on the fans.

With these easy changes, you can feel comfortable without using unnecessary amounts of energy. It’s a win-win for you and the environment!

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