AC Maintenance Tips

Even if you are already done with your spring cleaning, there may be some things that you have overlooked that could help your air conditioning system operate more efficiently. Three things you should do the next time that you are cleaning up around the house are:

  • Check all of the vents of your HVAC system to see if they are blocked by furniture, drapes, or anything else. If the air flow is blocked, it’s harder for your air conditioning system to do its job, which makes it use more energy and incur unnecessary wear.
  • Check the location of your thermostats. If they are located near lamps, television sets, or other heat producing household appliances, they may be misreading the ambient temperature which will cause them to work less efficiently.
  • Sign up for a regular maintenance program. Just like your car, the AC in your home is a complex machine that will work better with regular tune-ups. Regular maintenance will ensure that your system operates better for longer, and help you spot potential problems before they occur.

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